Page Eighty: Save One From Oneself

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  1. Paul Rose

    I once spent my hole summer vacation in middle school inside my house. When school started I walked outside to be amazed that there was a bight yellow objected out in the sky. They still call it the sun but I call it the bright yellow thing that hurts my eyes! One day I’ll blow it up with my mind! But that was a long time ago.

    Anyway whats with Laz evil self trying to eat him?….In fact I wounder what a demon taste like? Chicken, Beef, Fish? I would like to think they taste like a mix of Frog and Duck.

    Mom had a Chicken, Mom had a Cow, Dad was proud, he didn’t care how. (10 points for anyone remembering this grate show.)

    • Zammarian

      ……cow and chicken. and i hate remembering it… Though one of the few funny parts was the molting fairy.

  2. Faraway

    See folks? I told you there was a third one in this discussion!

  3. Tyr

    What are those creepy background voices?

    • Neithan Diniem

      Third voice I would assume is the demon lady summoning him to her. Makes sense in my book.

  4. Nimbian

    This just goes to show you should never get in an argument with yourself. you always come a way a loser and there’s hurt feelings all round. 😉

  5. Supertwitfan

    I’m guessing that it’s Lilitu that is summoning him out again. That’s just me and my memory of hte last page with the circle and all.

  6. Shiawase-chan

    This page gives a new meaning to the phrase “I hear voices in my head.” >.<

  7. Uhl

    Either Lilitu or Eisha. Both are possible since Lilitu is using “old magic” to find him, while Eisha also went into the portal. The gods are also a possibility though they mentioned just watching him, not actually assisting or interfering directly.

  8. Starcat5

    Am I the only person who thinks that there is now TWO sets of background voices? Lilitu’s voice looks… “pinker”… than the other one.

    • Miri

      I think that there’s a third fragment of Laz having a conversation with Lilitu.

  9. Chameleon

    oh no you don’t 😉

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