Page Eighty Two: Captured!

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  1. TheFireMage

    Lol. i love his question. “what retarded new adventure am i off to this time?” made me laugh so hard i shot soda out my nose

    • David

      Poor Laz just needs to take a breather!

  2. BakaGrappler

    What I enjoy most about this particular comic is frame 5. Specifically Lilitu’s face. She seems almost hurt that Laz would run from her in such a way. I kind of want to say to her, with a caring hand on the shoulder, “What do you expect? You tricked him into unleasing an apocalypse.”

    BTW, found this comic last week and I enjoy the fact that your protagonist actually comments on the crap he gets roped into and uses intelligence instead of brute force (even though he’s the Demon Heir). Please stay true to your characters no matter what happens.

    • David

      Thanks! I really wanted to make a protagonist that stood out with Laz. And an antagonist that stands out in the captain of the Lilitu – which is why I’m really looking forward to this chapter 🙂

      • Miri

        Although I’m beginning to wonder if Lili really IS an antagonist.

    • JEBmaine

      She’s probably not used to boys running away from her in terror, even if she is a demon.

  3. kwah

    im guessing he cracked his skull on that one .

  4. Uhl

    While I can’t exactly blame him for running, I can blame him for not watching where he’s going. Unless the guy he ran into moves faster than Laz can see.

  5. Anime fan

    with a smile like that I’d run too.

    • David

      I can’t tell if she looks scheming and smug or if she’s thinking about eating him!

  6. Faraway

    Is it Lilitu in the middle of trio in the last panel?..
    Oops, third one counting from left to right – I did not recognise the dino-maw on the first look.

  7. Masaki

    In Soviet Russia, Demons summon You!

    • Supertwitfan

      Ah soviet russia jokes never get old.

    • Rane

      haha you have a point. But thats cuz russia LOVES a good joke.

      And i just realised that Antichrist Superstar by Manson is an awsome song to play while reading this comic.

  8. Magus655

    awsome page.

  9. Supertwitfan

    I like the facial expressions of this page a lot and the shadow figures with only eyes colored on their body is always a awesome thing. Love this page.

  10. AlishaShatogi

    And again, another example of Laz’s demonic power!


  11. Umm...

    Small talk in with demons. Hosted by Lilitu (is that spelled right?)

  12. Miri

    Laz: *POOF*

    *giggle* <3 the poof.

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