Page Eighty Three: Marker in the Sand

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  1. An Oversized T-Shirt

    More? There are more questions? Oh God. Inquiry overload man, inquiry overload.

    I think I’m going to like this guy. He’s tall, dark, and got a giant dinosaur/bird/mammal skull on his head. How is it held there? Is it magic? I bet it’s magic.

    Nice storyline development you’ve got there, David. I didn’t see this guy coming. Then again, I have terrible foresight. P:

    • David

      Even better than magic – it’s duct tape!

  2. ASP

    cool, just checked out the “cast” page, and i noticed that there was already a mysterious man who had a lot of his face covered in shadow, Mr Crowley. not sure if it’s the same guy, but based on the info u gave us, it’s the best guess that i have, other than this being an entirely new character. personally i prefer the second option, but just thought i’d point something out. also, it might just b ‘cuz i spent the last month reading “Full Metal Alchemist”, but y does that circle look suspisciously like a transmutation circle?

  3. kwah

    ooo i wonder whats next

  4. Umm...

    … Dammit

  5. Anime fan

    I’d expected him to be cosmo dust, but then again he was a cult leader. Until his cult got flash fried, on that note. Hey Super did you sweep up thier ashes and come up with a cover story for an abandoned Starbucks imploding?

    • Supertwitfan

      ARGH! You beat me to it. I was gonna say that he is Crowley as well. It kinda is obvious if you look back to the beginning. Also, I’m glad that David didn’t forget about him. ^^

      • David

        How could I forget about this guy? He’s too fun! =)

        • Supertwitfan

          lol ikr

        • Anime fan

          stabbing elderly security guards, evil cults were the newb is playing his psp in the back ground, between him and a barrel of monkeis, he’d set the monkeis and thier barrel on fire and roll it down a hill.

  6. Umm...

    Ah shite he has red hair! Why red? Awesome page, by the way.

    • Supertwitfan

      It’s brown… or I’m colorblind.

      • Umm...

        Okay, it is somewhere in the middle.

        • Supertwitfan

          Like a irish red-brown type thing… I just don’t see it, but I’m the one that needs glasses.

          • Anime fan

            no, its brown, or light rusty brown

          • Umm...

            Dammit again! I’ve been outnumbered! My eyes must see colors differently…

          • David

            It could also be monitor type or display settings. Some monitors add a lot of yellow to things, and other times your color settings can mess with the saturation levels. Agh I spend too much time on computers.

          • Supertwitfan

            HAHA! I win ^^

          • Anime fan

            No I win

  7. The Jester

    Crowley’s back! Yaaay.

  8. BakaGrappler

    What I wanna know is what he’s wearing and how he got those skulls. I get the feeling this guy knows how to kill more things than security guards and in more creative fashions than a knife in the back.

    • David

      He seems pretty devious, doesn’t he?

  9. Marscaleb

    Okay, I think you are now OFFICIALLY jumping around to too many vague scenes without enough explanation to what has already happened.

    • Supertwitfan

      Hey, at least he isn’t jumping to cat lady yet…

  10. AdvancedFlea

    Hmm…that would be…Mr Crowley! the guy who helped start this whole damn mess. Laz needs to kick his arse

  11. Summoner

    If scheming and mumbling to myself were requirements, I would make a great spell-caster!

  12. Dani

    Damn. general consensus seems to say he’s Crowley. I’m only disappointed because my forst thought was “Malphas!”, because of the crow motif.

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