Page Eighty Six – Date With Destiny

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  1. Bartimaeus

    I can imagine the dialogue already.

    Laz: “Hi Dad.”

  2. Supertwitfan

    I can see a chase scene coming up.

  3. Anime fan

    … talk about a sucky fathers day gift, he failed at his reason for existence. lol

    • David

      It sucks to find the meaning of life immediately after you fail to achieve it…

      • Anime fan

        Especially since he was planning to be a politician and fix things… -taps chin- politician, maybe he is the devils son. lol


    I would’nt want The Devil as my father. I prefer Darth Vader, or maybe Voldemort. Hmm…maybe…anyway, if he’s supposed to be a destroyer, why’d he end up as a “fixer”(in his own words)? Daddy must be disappointed…

  5. kerinbot

    Gosh… Father issues, much?

    (cue up old chestnut about not having just an issue… more like a subscription?)

    Great art – liking the story – keep it up! 🙂

    • David

      Thanks a bunch!

      We haven’t even scratched the surface of poor Laz’s family troubles =\

      • Umm...

        Let me guess. His mother is probably
        A.) a rouge angel
        B.) Lilithu
        C.) does not exist
        D.) Death itself
        E.) dead
        Anything close?

  6. Faraway

    You know, I can’t help but think Laz would badmouth him to hilarious degrees! 😀

    • David

      I am looking forward to that interaction so much. I need ot sit down and properly write that whole thing out soon…

      • Anime fan

        can i throw in a request for another, “Up yours!”

      • G.Ghost

        hmmm… i woulda wrote the chapter before making comics but thats just me

        • G.Ghost

          of course the comic would then never come out because i want to make the story perfect and i get bored and give up on that project…

  7. Uhl

    I’m really curious as to how the whole biology works actually. If there was no direct portal from hell to Earth, how did Laz wind up on Earth in the first place? Or if he didn’t travel from Hell to Earth, how was he conceived ON Earth, seeing as “dad” is locked up in Hell and has been since before Laz was born?

    • An'ah

      the gods’ children always have weird conception stories think about Helen of Troy. zeus made love to her mother in the form of a swan and then laid 2 eggs one of which was helen.

      great work by the way! neat twist!

      • David

        It kind of stinks that I’m trying to keep this more or less SFW. Can’t really do some of the more ridiculous myths justice 😛

        I can tell you right now that his conception story’s not as bad as Aphrodite’s, though! Yargh.

        • LP

          Too bad. Castration makes for the prettiest lust gods.

  8. Shadow Reaper

    He shoudl demand all the back due alimonies and child support.

  9. DragonForLife

    nice. Keep it up. Or i will use…..THE SQUEAKY TOY OF DOOM!

  10. reynard61

    Hi! I found your comic through the ad in “Hope Aethereal”. (Ooooo, Title irony!)

    Archive read through? Check!

    Bookmarked? Check!

    Waiting for next chapter? Check!

    Liking Laz? Check!

    Fanboying for Lilithu? HELLZSYEAH!!!

    • David

      Great to hear! Hope you enjoy the rest of the comic too 🙂

  11. Felix

    Dude, this is awesome so far. I cannot wait for the meeting. And I think you can do plenty while keeping it SFW. Just gotta be… a little… /Creative/ with the way you draw it, or quote it. Anything can be done if you think about it in a different way.

    Recap: This is epic. I love it. I wish I was this amazing.

  12. Anime fan

    I think grounding and a slap on the wrist is to much to hope for, but now we know why he loves pyrotechnics almost as much as me. lol

  13. Topazert

    Serves the devil right not to mentor his son in proper world destorying tecnics,(You’d think he’d have known that ‘d blow up in has face.)

  14. Solario the Visored

    Tsk. Kids! Sometimes, you want them to undo all creation, sometimes you just want them to bring the car home by nine. Am I right, here? 😉

  15. Crestlinger

    All in all fairly accurate imagination compared to the actual one here

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