Page Eighty One: Summonee

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  1. Bartimaeus

    Great page. You have some serious chops!

    (and as for Laz, let’s hope he can avoid getting seriously chopped, shall we?)

  2. Uhl

    Considering the background, I’m guessing Lilitu’s spell worked as intended. Now let’s just see how the “reaction roll” pans out.

  3. Paul Rose

    Poor kid, at lest he does not have to deal with a bunch of more demons that want to eat him……Ohhhhh wait.

  4. The Jester

    Is it just me, or did his ears get bigger?

    • Damien

      I’m not sure if David is doing it on purpose, but yeah his ears do look like they are getting bigger and so do his horns.

      • Aslandus

        His ears are definitely pointier, but I think the horns are the same… or maybe a little less curved….

    • Marscaleb

      Might be a perspective thing. We are not used to seeing him from this angle or so close up.
      usually we see his face a little from the side, so his hair blocks part of the ear and they look flat against his head.

  5. Magus655

    lol talking about yourself. But anyways thats one way to go out with a bang…. or come in with one .. take your pick.

  6. Eric

    Heh… He’d be fun to fight! A real challenge! “Let’s see, you want to beat the crap outta me. Nah, I won’t fight back. What? Because I don’t need to, if I keep dodging you kick the crap outta yourself!” Ha!


    I think his ears got way pointier and bigger. And why do his eyes change in each panel?

    • Supertwitfan

      I’m thinking that his inner self was trying to gain control, and Lilitu just saved him in time… although she has some plans for him herself, but that’s just my guessing.

  8. Gunsolo

    Hi David, here´s some constructive criticism for you:
    The palm of his hand is a bit wrong, the lower line should be angled like / but not like \. It´s like his left palm is on his right hand. 🙂
    I really like those sound effects.

    Great comic in general, keep it up!

  9. Supertwitfan

    Vvvvzzzzzooooo- ptew! I love that sound effect. It’s actually realistic, instead of horses going nay… honestly, who was the idiot that thought of that? Horses go Hurhurhur =D

    • Anime fan

      the disneyites, and PETA came up with the whole “niegh” thing. it makes them seem more… eff, i don’t know. horseier maybe?

      • Marscaleb

        The sound horses make has been known as a “neigh” for ages. It may be a more recent thing for someone to use the word “neigh” in place of a sound effect, but the sound horses make has always been named a “neigh,” just as the sound sheep make is called “bleating” even though they say “Ba-a-a-a.”
        In other words, it is NOT onomatopoeia.

  10. Neithan Diniem

    Hehe, who called it? I knew he was the one being summoned.

  11. Anime fan

    Yes, yes you are. lol

  12. Shiawase-chan

    I <3 Laz's eyes. So very RED.

  13. Faraway

    Yes, it seems so. And without any lasting harm, too.

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