Page Eighty Four: A Valid Question

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  1. FrostDeman

    It could be worse, much worse.

  2. BakaGrappler

    Awwwwwww. Please don’t say this is heaven and the Jewish-Christian God is dead. Since I’m Christian I was at least hoping the “home team” is still around in some form other than transformed into more demons. That and it would be hard to explain the whole Jesus thing.

    Not telling you how to do the story. I just want you to know I’m wincing in agonized worry for the safety of my favorite Deity over here.

    But on a side note, as a possible out and discussion topic, a third of heaven’s angels were cast out. Perhaps a third of heaven’s property was as well…?

    • hordeshammy

      Seems more likely its an old pagan place, one of the religions Christianity replaced – its demons assimilated into Hell (good figures assimilated into Heaven maybe?) Lilitu was an independent nature demon according to the cast page, not a fallen angel.

  3. Anime fan

    The giant duck is in the shop.

  4. Magus655

    Good question Laz….

    • Anime fan

      I already answered it though lol

  5. Nice2835

    Is that a floating island in the back on the last panel? or a creature?

    • Miri

      I think it’s a rock.

  6. Supertwitfan

    So…….. hell wasn’t always a bad place?

  7. Taylon

    Technically, some of the original versions of ‘Hell’ (in Monotheistic religion) was just the absence of God and knowledge that God is right out of your reach.

    • Supertwitfan

      Ah, thank you for the little filler for me.

  8. Umm...

    “pimply little larve?” that’s a new one.

  9. Name

    Just to nitpick, “larvae” is plural. The singular is “larva”.

    Though I did have to do latin in high school I barely remember a thing, but a quick search came to the rescue. Might have to pick up latin again, as it would be a better waste of time than watching tv. hmm.

  10. Lazar

    Actually, this reminds me a lot (in appearance) of descriptions of the afterworld the Babylonians believed in. It’s all dead and grey, there’s not terribly much to do. Taylon also has the right of it-the hellfire and damnation Hell we know of today is a construct of Puritan preachers such as John Edwards (and by all account, that guy was an ass).

    But the tablet in the side of the mountain, no one around, like no one comes here very often, the characters referencing it used to be more lively… I’m really thinking the Babylonian underworld, if for no other reason than the pieces all fit.

  11. Shiawase-chan

    Nooooooo, the question would be, “Why not?”


  12. Stig Hemmer

    “Because it is better than walking, Lazarus.”

    My own theory of what this place is: It is Hell, but all the tormented souls have been released by the “new master”, whoever that might be.

    • Intermarket

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  13. Marscaleb

    “Why am I riding a giant peacock?”

    Would you rather be riding Beelzebub?

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