Page Eighty Five: Meet The Family

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  1. Faraway

    Hey, is Adramelech six-limbed? ‘Cause he definitely has a pair of wings, a pair of legs, and a pair that’s crossed at the chest in the last panel!

  2. AlishaShatogi

    I’d be cranky too if I were a sun god and my following went bye-bye…


    Adramelech looks a little like a chocobo. Except with an extra pair of legs. And a scarf. And he’s colored differently. I think the reason it looks like a chocobo is because it’s a giant bird that has someome one it’s back. Yeah, you guessed it! I’m bored.

  4. Anime fan

    aw, the poor old ugly chicken got pwned by the devil. lol

  5. Shiawase-chan

    Nature spirit huh? Interesting.

  6. Summoner

    The giant bird is an Achaierai! ^.^Thought it looked familiar!

  7. Supertwitfan

    Just looked up Mephist and got an interesting result. I’m keeping my eye on the geeky guy, cause I kinda figured out the other people.

  8. Umm...

    Dealer’s in the house of the rising sun.

  9. Dani

    Pleeeease tell me we’re going to see Quetzalcoatl! I prefer him to his later, bloodthirstier reincarnation, Huitzapoctli. And no, the latter name is probably spelt wrong. I just fumble with Aztec words.

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