Page Eighty Eight: Leader of the Flock

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  1. BakaGrappler

    You know, this just proves it. Pet classes are the most difficult to handle, like the Aion Summoner, WoW Warlock, and the Underling Crowley classes. The AI is all over the place.

    But I dare say Crowley will get better, barring a poorly mumbled command, like Ash in Army of Darkness. (“Clatu Berada N*coughs loudly*”)

    And I can’t help but wonder…is this THE Alistair Crowley or a descendant…

    • Supertwitfan

      Actually warlock pets are not bad, seeing how they can’t aggro anything. Now don’t get my started on hunter pets where it will be on passive and still manage to piss off half of deadmines.

      • G.Ghost

        Actually i have a lvl 80 demonology warlock on WoW and the only 2 pets that don’t aggro things are Succubus and the Imp. because of their Lesser Invisibility and Phase Shift abilities, respectively. but the other demons (Voidwalker, Felhunter, Felgaurd, and Doomgaurd) do catch aggro. hunter’s pets are the same but some have the ability to ‘phase out’ to not get aggro.

        i’m a WoW/Computer geek, listen to me.

      • Weomur

        I hear you… -_-

        “Hey, Musty, I need you over here!”
        *Giant ogre appears*
        “Er… I didn’t need you to bring your friends, too…”

  2. Supertwitfan

    The dagger glows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone has been visiting ebon hold. ^^

    • G.Ghost

      WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITT!!! it glows orange tho…? is it a new more powerful runecraft???

  3. Marscaleb

    You know, there is something anti-climactic about his appearance.

    Everytime we’ve seen him, we’ve never gotten a good look at his face.
    When he was in the ceremony, his face was covered with a hood. Assuming that was him that found Laz, then his face was obscured there. Then we see that he was pulled into this plane where’s at, but we don’t see him himself. Then we see him with the skull on his head, and his face is still masked halfway in a shadow.

    And now his face is just… showing. I mean, you built up this cool thing of never seeing him clearly, and then we DO see him pretty clearly, and there was neither a dramatic reveal nor is his face so particularly cool looking.
    Not that you needed a dramatic reveal, I think it would have been cool just to always keep his face obscured in a shadow.

  4. Anime fan

    I forgot to add in,
    E.) They atempt to eat and or destory him but he wards them off.

  5. Topazert

    The butter knife of warding:D

  6. Wyvvs

    I prefer the Spoon of Turning to the Butter Knife of Warding.

  7. Topazert

    What about the Fork of Power and it’s lesser version the Salad Fork of Pity

  8. Topazert

    But if you want a truly evil utensil you’ll want the Spork of Chaos!!!!!!:DD

  9. Summoner

    *holds up the spork of chaos* It’s not evil just misunderstood!

  10. Anime fan

    I love how just typing “wards them off” made all these spinoffs. lol

    • Anime fan

      speaking of wards, Dave, is that a face sticking its tongue out at them? the symbol if you look at it sideways looks like a face sticking its tongue out at the… crows from hell?

  11. moon

    yea your right

  12. NeoDarklight

    Nyeheheheheh. I can’t WAIT to see how this turns out!

  13. Silverblob5

    Let’s not forget the Fork of Truth.

    Also, if you’re not offending -somebody- with an online comic, you’re not doing it right.

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