Page Eighty Nine: Rambling on the Ramble

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  1. gatherer818

    Laz is cute all passed out from plot exposition 😛

    • David

      Poor guy! It’s been all rising action and no filler. He needs rest!

  2. flibble

    I now want to know what her point on plato was, oh and this is one of my top ten comics (thats out of 276!) so well done.

    • David

      That, sir/ma’am, is a whole lot of comics! Even I don’t read that many. Impressive.

      Also thanks 🙂

      • flibble

        It’s sir, and about 70 of those are irregular updates. And i still wish to know what your point on plato was.

        • David

          Ooooh fine. We’re talking about the visible and abstract worlds from his concept of Forms as expressed in the Republic =)

          • flibble

            Lol, and thank you for confirming that it was the cave and not the divided line.

  3. Magus655

    I like the big Bird’s attitude lol

  4. Uhl

    Well, at least she managed to keep Laz from causing trouble. THAT’s a first.

  5. Anime fan

    zzzzzzzzzzz, what huh wah t!? … Hi dad? heh heh heh.

  6. Tyr

    Must … resist … urge .. to read … all .. of ..Plato’s … works … to .. find … out.

  7. Dan

    Plato? Shadows on the cave wall an’ all that?

    • David

      The very same. I don’t know if she’s referring to that particular work, though…

  8. tWiCHY

    my only response to all this exposition is: mmmmm hot demon chick

    • David

      If you want to have a long winded speech, I say, at least give everyone something to stare at.

  9. Kessai

    D’aww….poor little antichrist is tuckered out…. <3

  10. Topazert

    The one thing that confuses me is if he’s being sarcatic or serious

  11. littlebeast

    That middle panel is made of win.

    • NeoDarklight

      LITTLEBEAST! I haven’t heard of a post from you for so long! And I agree on your point, though, it seems as though there could have been even more win.

  12. ambuh

    sadly for Lilithu, the only thing she’ll probably ever be valued for is her womanly figure. her vast understanding of the universe(s) will definately be ignored by most.
    Is that Hati the Wolf I spy?

    • David

      Oh, I don’t think she minds that too much. It’s better that people don’t know what your true strengths are until you play them!

      • ambuh

        haha, good point!

  13. Supertwitfan

    Summoning the devil, one drop of blood. Running away from monkeys, a burning bush of fire. Resting on a sun god’s back, priceless.

  14. Keeva

    Has anyone else noticed that the bird is missing his scarf? That’s very strange…

  15. Keeva

    Weird… did you add in the scarf, Mr. David or am I going batty?

  16. Redryll

    I have one question for you. In the second panel, which celestial body is that wolf chasing? If its the sun, I would like to know if it is Skoll. If its the moon Hati is pursuing it. I just wanna know.

    • David

      It’s Hati with the moon =)

  17. taltamir

    but… exposition! she is sharing valuable and potentially useful information…

  18. Crestlinger

    So that world’s affected by the beliefs an actions of this one. Wonder what the butterfly effect was for Leeroy Jenkins?

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