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  1. Weomur

    Today’s special: demonic invasion! Perfect for spicing up any nutjob cultist ritual.

    • David

      It’s the little things like that that I enjoy doing in my comics the most. Anyone spot the guy playing his PSP instead of participating? Cultist apprentices are just like any other kind of student, I guess.

      • Livi

        I love it when artists slip things like that into the comic!!!!

      • Miri

        I totally did not notice that until just now. I’m gonig to have to go back over your comic witha fine-toothed comb, now…

      • Felisy

        I was wondering what that guy was doing over there!

      • mokon

        that’s funny and cool

      • Dani

        I think I recognize Roger from College Roomies From Hell. My apologies if I’m wrong.

  2. Elkian

    Oh I thought he was gonna be a sacrifice.

  3. Animie fan

    yeah, i have the same issue with my assassins. the rookies always sneak off during drills.i geuss its true, “give them a knife that replaces thier middle finger and they think they’re all that”

  4. Warriorking4ver

    Congrats kid! You’re almost part of the club, now go sacrifice a goat and a virgin and you’ll truly be a nutjob cult…I mean enlightened individual 😈

  5. mokon

    you have to admit those cloaks look pretty cool

  6. mokon

    wait a second
    1 how did they know that was the kid?
    2 how did they know where was? and
    3 how did they know about magic and all that?

    • RexIgnis

      Because MAGIC!

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