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  1. Supertwitfan

    Kid is smart… really smart.

    • Zimriel

      that’s as good a definition of “demon” as I’ve heard.

  2. Animie fan

    STRAIGHT UP LAZ, but don’t mock the proportions. demons kill for that kind of thing

  3. RHJunior

    Of course it would take a COMPLETE moron not to recognize a Deal with the Devil that was THAT explicit…. no subtlety whatsoever.

  4. Warriorking4ver

    I’d say the kid knows his demons LOL XD

  5. Dread Pirate Lee

    Good call kid. But hey, being Overlord is pretty freakin sweet. And she isn’t exactly the worst person to get your soul.

  6. Umm...

    Wow, what is that foggy stuff on the bottom right side of the Earth?

    It’s probably nothing. But…..

    • Hyperion

      Antarctica with a cloud over it.

  7. reynard61

    Oooooooo! A Dangerously Genre Savvy protagonist! I *LOVE* it!!!

    • David

      He might be gullible and inexperienced, but he aint stupid, at least!

  8. mokon

    this explains how bush became president x)

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