Filler has been turned into a wallpaper! Check the gallery – wallpaper section for more info.

I promised filler. I promised sexy, sexy filler. I delivered! This is Lilith and Kalindra from Inscribing Ardi in convenient pinup form. Original art by Ran, I inked, A. Story colored.

There’s a full version and a wallpaper, which will be up at some point over the next few days!

Oh, also, new Humble Indie Bundle package. IT’S CHARITY FOR VIDEO GAMES

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Discussion (21) ¬

  1. tWiCHY

    hooray hot lilith in a bikini WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. reynard61

    Everything needed for a Red, Hot and Blue Christmas!

  3. Senok el Tirun

    Happy Christmas!

  4. SSM

    Sexeh!! But if you ask me, Lilitu needs a black or dark blue bikini. White doesn’t go so well with her skin.

    • eriendil

      They should just change bikinis with each other. Now THAT would be evilly sexy! (Yeah, I know, I’m a dirty ol’ bird)

      • VelociraptorBlade

        Yeah, but if tthe ydid that the red would blend in with Lillith’sskin so that it would look like……. *Drool*
        On a side note, how will Laz react when he finds this?

        • eriendil

          “Drool” of course!

          • Velociraptorblade

            Scary Oedipus is Scary……..

          • eriendil

            Very good analogy. It fits our little protagonist quite well!

          • VelociraptorBlade

            “Protagonist” implies a hero is at the center of the story.. If my “Oedipus” remark is a fitting analogy, then hero he ain’t.

            It gives me scary thoughts about where this story is going. VERY scary thoughts

          • eriendil

            Certainly food for thought. The vicious triangle he, lilith and the Devil form don’t imply a happy ending regardless of who prevails. I agree that Laz is NO hero, by any means. Avoiding one terrible fate here will likely only lead to another, you can’t dodge all the bullets….

          • Broseph

            Eh, I didn’t see anything suggesting Laz ever saw Lilith in THAT way.

  5. eriendil

    Oooooo, eye candy for Christmas! Thank you for a great present, Dave…..

  6. bob the 7th

    the mother of one and another deamon, it gets you a mite conflicted

  7. Onasaki

    Oooo… shiney. Merry Christmas to me. XD

  8. Horhar

    What sexy, sexy filler art? All i see is horror art.

  9. SkitZ

    …Is that a turtleneck bikini?
    Skitz approves +5

  10. Warriorking4ver

    “sings” Laz’s mom, has got it going on XD

  11. ragnarokk7

    holy sh*t… *wolf whistles* man demons can be sooo hot…are u sure though, that lilith iz a nature demon…not a demon representing lust?

  12. ragnarokk7

    man demons az in man, comma, demons…not male demons…just to clear that up…

  13. Khaos

    I’m Khaos and i approve this picture. But I wish that there were less clothes in it. For those of you wondering, anything sexy that has ever existed in the history of the world needs my seal of approval or it is not sexy. Now you know.


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