Man, I haven’t put up a blog post in a little while, huh? Work, school, photoshop, vidjagames, sleep. Less photoshop than I should be doing, though. My comic buffer is pretty much gone! I blame bioware.

Mass Effect 2 doesn’t get everything right, but one thing it’s done better than just about any RPG ever made before is the ending. You don’t leave most of your party back at the lounge like every other rpg. You need to split them up and play their strengths and make hard decisions… You can have a full party wipe, or go through with no casualties at all, depending on how well you do it. I hope *every* rpg that follows learns from that.

Oh, hey, Jonathan Coulton’ll be in San Diego this month! Awesome.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen – Explosions and fire!
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