It’s almost ready to go, but instead of finishing it and uploading it the last couple days, I’ve been closing my credit and bank cards and sitting around the DMV and talking to the cops and all the other great things you get to do when someone steals your wallet. f7u12

I’m going to sleep now and finish it when I wake up.

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  1. korpollo

    That’s awful! I hope that all works out fine. D :
    But hey, don’t sweat the update. Out of the, oh… 140-something webcomics I follow, you’re one of like… 10? If that? Who actually dedicates themselves to a schedule, and hardly ever misses an update. Punctuality is a ridiculously rare but wonderful trait among webcomicers.

  2. Renadt

    That can suck major donkey balls. I’ve actually had my number stolen twice- each time I was on cruise in the Navy.

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