Chapter 8: Chasing Damnation

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  1. eriendil


  2. Crestlinger

    So captured or just drained snake? Going with the second based on what he said recently as a book.

  3. Miri

    Well this looks interesting!

    Quetzal isn’t looking so good. Laz looks like he’s missing a few teeth. Everyone’s looking like they want a piece of little Lazzy. And Lilly’s looking down at everything, going, “….Just. As. PLANNED.”

    • eriendil

      It kinda looks like Bub survived his encounter with Enki, if he’s still around this chapter. Wonder if the old man did, too.

  4. Curious

    By Chaotic, I certainly hope that means you’ll update more than once a week, rather than less.

  5. Satrinity

    I guess that’s what happens when you get punched and thrown around as often as Laz does. The poor kid’ll need to see a dentist before all this is over…

    • Xin

      Preferrably one like Kyran, or at least someone who knows how to carve false teeth.
      Sorry for the references, I read far too many webcomics.

      • Satrinity

        It’s cool, I read a ton of them too. XD

      • Mongoose

        Why did that one have to change it was so good and now it sucks

      • Mongoose

        scratch that now that it’s been colored and ther proper personalitoes have returned It start to get good again

  6. Approvedjunk

    Annnddd my love for Adramelech goes up. He just looks like a force to be reckoned with, what with his glowing eyes and…and…yeah, let’s just say he’s epic. And poor Quetzy, down for the count along with G.e.m.

  7. Mongoose

    you think Adramelech would leave to defend his fellow mesoamerican god

    • silverblob5

      Looks more like he’s doing the hypno-eyes to me.

  8. xenodel

    hey really love this cover. can’t wait to see what happens

  9. VelociraptorBlade

    Soooo……. Is there ever going to be a chapter artwork where Laz actually grows a pair of avocados and starts defending himself for once?

    • Mongoose

      probably not anytime soon

  10. Wolfpup1

    Having too many faceplants can make you lose teeth… Its been proven! XD

    • eriendil

      I wonder if a cartoon character ever rebelled against it’s creator. I’m sure Laz would if he could….

      • mokon

        i would rebel

      • GargoyleZoo1

        have you ever seen Animation vs. Animator?

  11. mokon

    if Laz dosnt get a weapon hes so screwed

  12. Dani

    Heh . . . “And Laz’s Quetzalcoatl is unable to battle!”

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