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Finals and studying and work are kickin’ my behind. Might not be responsive for a little while. I promise to at least have the comics uploaded on time. Summer is getting closer, though! Hopefully I’ll have a store and more up within the coming months. Not this week, though! Next couple weeks are apt to […]

The first part of a two part interview with the amazing Me over at Fup Duck TV! You’re officially internet famous when someone interviews for a personal blog, right? Huzzah! Also of note, it’s time for another hilarious Time top influential people poll! Obviously, Lady Gaga is the most influential person in the world right […]

Making some headway on getting my buffer back up. Also should have a wallpaper or two along some more gallery art and maybe even some good news up by the end of the month! In the meantime, the comics should keep coming on time. I should also work on making the content a little less […]

Man, I haven’t put up a blog post in a little while, huh? Work, school, photoshop, vidjagames, sleep. Less photoshop than I should be doing, though. My comic buffer is pretty much gone! I blame bioware. Mass Effect 2 doesn’t get everything right, but one thing it’s done better than just about any RPG ever […]

Got a gallery and a tiny handful of art up!  I have tons of personal unrelated art I could slap up, but I’ll do that later. It’s also got a fanart section, so be sure to check it out! Edit: Whoops. Fixed a link error.

Well, I’ve spent well over a thousand hours pursuing the improvement of my art this year, so I’ve reached last year’s resolution. All in all, it’s been a pretty good, if slow to start, year. I started this comic on a whim, went from frying chicken to accounting, started doing the odd freelance job, met […]

I think I’m finally zeroing in on the look for the main character. This is sad, because it’s going to change very soon. Hopefully it will start to settle in throughout the next chapter. Which is going to be way better. I just wanna get done with the introductory chapter. Cursed expository! Oh, and I […]

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it or just wants to be wished a happy day in general. I’m going to be spending it by giving thanks to my computer tablet and video games by playing the crap out of them. Actually had my family dinner yesterday for logistical reasons. At any rate, enjoy your […]

Again with the optimistic futures of unexploded websites! Edit: Success! The newsposts are now detached from the comics themselves. I think. This’ll make it look a lot better when I never update my blog! … 😀