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Sorry guys, it’s midterms. I’ve been doing homework all week and I still have a giant pile to get through before next week. I’ll try to get a comic up this weekend some time but I’m not sure that’ll happen. It’s super annoying because the storyline is starting to move faster now and I want […]

I am a terrible person and I really don’t do enough extraneous random doodles, so I’ll be participating in the 30 Character Challenge. I’ll try to post a few here but if you want to catch more random art from me that’s a place to go! Also, you might have noticed that ad if you […]

Hello there if you’re reaching the site from over at Luci Phurr’s Imps! If you’re not reaching the site from there, you should go there, because they’re doing a wonderful two-month-long guest strip extravaganza. Also, if you want to see random artwork and musings from myself and a handful of other really cool folks you […]

I’ve been out of the house having magical adventures. I’ll try to double time it this week but I don’t know if I’ll have one up before next Friday =( EDIT: AAAAAAAAAAGH. I’ve got a couple hundred math/accounting problems to do this week, and thursday I’m leaving my computer to go to PAX. So, um… […]

So me and a handful of other comic creators have been hanging out for a while and have decided to start a fun new collective. You should stop by and check out everyone’s stuff – if you like my comic, there’s probably a few over there that you’ll like too! Also, we’re having a bit […]

Terribly sorry again everyone, but I will definitely be missing this week’s update, and I may be missing next week’s. I want to keep the quality of my pages up, and right now I just can’t devote the hours I need to get the next page up. I will try to get some filler up, […]

There won’t be a comic this week as I am busy getting a week worth of schoolwork done in advance and also packing and doing all the other work to get myself to c2e2(and more importantly some time with my bf). Don’t fear for the comic’s health, but do fear for mine because I can’t […]

There won’t be any updates on the 22nd or 25th of February. That is to say, this week. I got sidetracked by some other projects that I have been quite enthusiastic about, and I want to revise and fix up a few things about Underling, too. I might be switching to one update a week […]

First off, I apologize in advance as I’m probably going to be taking Christmas week off. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do during that time, and I’m sure many of you do too! Besides that, updating will keep going along as it always has been. With that out of the way, it’s way […]

Well, my news posts all lied – I actually just got home from my vacation early this morning. Not even sure where to begin recapping it, so I guess I’ll just get to the rambling. First off, holy crap, one hundred pages. I’m still a little freaked out over that. Thank you all so much […]