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It starts later today. The first thing I’m planning on doing is sleeping for 48 hours. Then I’ll get the photoshop gears a’grinding again.

Shooould be up by Monday. Decided to restart it halfway through

Funny story, the gpu on my laptop literally fried. I’m going to have to wait till I get back home tomorrow before I can even finish inking 🙁

I am going to be moving to yet another new update schedule. I like to call this one the ‘Dresden Codak’ schedule – I simply will not post new pages until I am happy with them. For the immediate future, at least, this is going to mean that updates will be infrequent and irregular. This […]

Sorry guys, celebrating the ending of finals by playing Diablo 3 all day – no comic for now. Updates should be way more consistent now that schools out, though.

I have been doing everything but drawing this week. If there’s an update it probably won’t be ’till Monday. Sorry D:

It’s almost ready to go, but instead of finishing it and uploading it the last couple days, I’ve been closing my credit and bank cards and sitting around the DMV and talking to the cops and all the other great things you get to do when someone steals your wallet. f7u12 I’m going to sleep […]

I’m starting a new series of wallpapers themed after the Lilitu. The first you can find here and there are other resolutions over on the galleries page. Edit: That was not a wallpaper, that was a link to Experimental Film by They Might Be Giants. The dangers of working on website stuff while sharing links […]

I know my updating has been really, really terrible. It’s been holiday season, I’ve been busy with a couple other big personal projects, and finals and transfer applications and financial aid wrapped up have been absolutely killer for me. That having been said, I also have a tiny tiny buffer and I’m looking at Christmas […]

I know my posting has been terrible, but finals are rearing their ugly heads and you know what that means.