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Hope everyone got a kick out of that 😀 *Edit* And here’s the link for posterity’s sake!

Hi everyone, Matt (David’s webmaster) here. David’s on a plane as I write this, but he wanted me to post a call for donations to aid in the relief efforts for the Japanese people who have been struck by the recent 9.0 magnitude earthquake, and the destruction that resulted from the associated tsunami. Luckily, there […]

Filler has been turned into a wallpaper! Check the gallery – wallpaper section for more info. I promised filler. I promised sexy, sexy filler. I delivered! This is Lilith and Kalindra from Inscribing Ardi in convenient pinup form. Original art by Ran, I inked, A. Story colored. There’s a full version and a wallpaper, which […]

First off, here’s a piece of fan art from the amazing Ran. Sorry about taking forever to post it! Don’t forget to check out the deviantart, where she hosts more great artwork. Also check out her comic, The End! Also added a concept drawing and a wallpaper to the gallery section. If you want a […]

Testing a slightly different format! I hope nothing explodes.