Making some headway on getting my buffer back up. Also should have a wallpaper or two along some more gallery art and maybe even some good news up by the end of the month! In the meantime, the comics should keep coming on time.

I should also work on making the content a little less sparse around here… Besides some more wallpapers and art, what would you guys like to see added to the site?

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  1. Kaden

    I can’t seem to find an archive of the comics so that would be helpful. Also, any non-spoiler lore on this other world you would want to type up would be nice to have around. Not sure how much you want as a surprise and there isn’t a whole lot revealed in the story so far but it could help explain details that may not be possible/easy to present in context.

    • David

      Got an archive function up! It’s kind of basic still, but my actual-programmer-friend is working on improving it 🙂 Thanks for your feedback!

      About the strange world Laz is in – it’s nature will be covered a lot throughout the story, as it’s kind of important to the whole theme as well as the storyline. I’ll basically be covering it when we break from the ‘running and screaming’ parts, which will happen a bit in the next chapter actually! Hope that kind of answered that for you.

      • Kaden

        Yeah, thats kind of what I thought about the lore, it can wait until more has been revealed in the story.


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