I know my updating has been really, really terrible. It’s been holiday season, I’ve been busy with a couple other big personal projects, and finals and transfer applications and financial aid wrapped up have been absolutely killer for me. That having been said, I also have a tiny tiny buffer and I’m looking at Christmas and New Year’s and I don’t want that to go away. Oh did I mention I’m having a wisdom tooth pulled tomorrow?

So. I’m going to just go ahead and take the end of the holiday off. Updates will resume on the 6th of January. My course load next semester is still a bit heavy, but it’s not as bad as what I’ve been doing and hopefully I’ll be able to get serious about this. I still love working on Underling and I’m still learning a lot from it, but I really just haven’t had the time or the spirit to go ahead with it lately. Sorry, and enjoy the rest of 2011!

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Discussion (10) ¬

  1. GargoyleZoo1

    We forgive you. Just be sure to come back, okay?

    • GargoyleZoo1

      Rather, please come back when you can.

  2. Miri

    Hey, at least we have this awesome image of Laz realizing he can play with fire to keep us company~

  3. Anthony

    It’s been awile since I had to do final exams. The guy who taught my auditing class told us that they way to succeed at tests was to read your notes through once each night for the week before the test. It worked! That’s really the only thing I got out of that class.

  4. Mark

    Hey, discovered your comic some months ago and been following the updates MWF, sometimes more often. I hope you resume soon. It’s been such a great read!

  5. IMNC

    It’s the 13th… what’s up?

  6. Maju

    2012 already. I’m going to move this comic to the “irregular” section.

  7. Upset

    Sooo… your dead right? Quite a pity really. This was a great webcomic and the art and story really had me going.

    I’m guessing the ending goes: AND THEY ALL DIE BY ZOMBIES… I just hope one day an actual ending will one day appear.
    At least say your not coming back.

  8. Lokisana

    Do you have a subscription button so we can stop checking when the next comic will come out, and just find out by e-mail? That would be cool.

  9. Buckybone

    Next update on February 3, if David’s comment in the Dec 2 thread is anything to go by. He was apparently trying to build up a buffer to avoid just this situation.

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