About the author


Underling is written and drawn by David Emerson, who is writing this about page in the third person. How pompous!

David is twenty-one years old, male, and currently a student as well as a freelance artist. Most of his leisure time is spent on video and board games, projects like this comic, and researching worthless esoteric obscurities for his own enjoyment. He’s also available for commission or hire, as if you, ya know, cared.

About Underling

Underling is a comic I came up with in July of ‘09 that combines my obsession with social metaphysicality with a chance to draw hyper-violent Hindu cat girls, which is the kind of chance one shouldn’t be too quick to pass up.

The comic is mostly planned out and I try to keep up a buffer of a month or so. The storyline will definitely eventually come to an end, but should take more than a couple years to get there. I’m doing the comic for my own enjoyment above all else, but love to hear your feedback, critique, and interpretations.

Despite plentiful, blatant, and irrefutable evidence to the contrary, I’m not aiming to insult any religions or systems of beliefs(including political views) with Underling. If you find anything about the comic – especially the idea of other deities coexisting alongside yours – offensive, be sure to send me an e-mail packed with as much irregularly spelled animosity as possible, and I’ll do my best to promptly rectify any perceived slights towards your god of choice with a hug and a cookie.